Job Interview Help - From prisoner to price minister !

How can you be appointed from prisoner to price-minister in few minutes, let's get some job interview help by looking at the career of a young man named Joseph, whose story is related in the book of Genesis.
Some extrapolation has been made from the original text, but everything is based from true events in the life of Joseph ,as related in the Scriptures.

Once upon a time, there was a very prosperous corporation, Egypt Inc. There came a time of big troubles for this company and the CEO set out to find the management consultant who could help solve the problem.

But the situation only got from bad to worse as none of the numerous top flying consultants hired managed to understand the root cause of the problems.

Pharaoh, the CEO, was devastated as the future of the company seemed in jeopardy and he could not see the light out of the tunnel.

But just when everything looked desperate, he got referred to a young immigrant. At this point, Pharaoh was desperate enough to try anything. Very skeptical as you can imagine, he did not expect much from the job interview.

Alone in his office, while waiting for the young man, Pharaoh's thoughts were on the good old days when profits were high and he was highly and unanimely appraised for his outstanding leadership skills.
He made it often to the 'entrepreneur of the year' club. And now, here he was, with the future of the great company he built in the hands of a young immigrant!

As he shook his head in disbelief and started to laugh at the absurdity of the situation, there was a knock at the door. One of his assistant came in, introducing the young man for the job interview.

Wow! Pharaoh's first impression was not good. Even though, he was freshly shaved and properly dressed, the young man didn't look like the experts and consultants he was accustomed to hire.He was certainly not going to provide any job interview help to this young immigrant but he had nothing to loose after all.

Pharaoh proceeded to shake his hand and invited him to take the seat in front of him.
- Young man, he asked, what is your name ?
- Joseph, he answered calmly
- Where are you from ?
- I am from a far away country
- Ok, tell me about your past experiences ? where were you before ? what brought you here ?
- Before appearing before you, I was in prison, sir!
Pharaoh could not believe it.
- You said what ?
- I was in prison, sir! repeated with a strange assurance (under the circumstances) Joseph
- In prison ? you must be a man of low morality. what took you there ?
- Sir, I could tell you I was unjustly put to prison, under the false accusation of rape. But you will certainly not believe a word I said.

But would it matter if I can help solve the big issues Egypt Inc is facing currently ?
- Young man, what makes you think you can succeed where all the experts and gurus failed to even identify the root cause of our current difficulties, less design a proper solution?
- Sir, when I was in prison, I solved a similar issue for two of your managers
- Hum, Hum, Pharaoh nodded perplexly, and where did you work before the prison ?
- I was an employer in Potiphar Inc. I was assets manager there
- what was your experience before joining Potiphar Inc ?
- Sir, Potiphar Inc was actually my first job experience.

Before that, I was still in my parent's house. But even there, I was faced twice myself with the similar problem you are currently experiencing. All I could at the time was to share them with my family
- Again, young man, you seem to know already what is the root cause what makes you think you are the best candidate for the job?
- Sir, actually, I cannot solve the problem. But I do know somebody I am connected to, that can. He knows everything and with his help, you problem will be solved
- Great, all right, that's a big statement, you'll have to prove it before the job interview ends. But before, I want to know more about you. What are your weaknesses?

- I have a lot of them but none is relevant to the job
- What are your strenghts, then ?

- Only one of my strenghts is relevant to the job. I have complete trust in my friend, the one I mentioned earlier, and his capacities. He has never failed me and will never do.
Wherever I went, He was with me. when I was thrown in a pit, He was there. When I was sold as a slave, He was there. He got me promoted from slave to assets manager at Potiphar Inc, my first job, without any job interview.

When I was unjustly accused and thrown into prison, He was still there to cheer me up. He got me promoted as manager in the prison.
This is how I got to solve your manager's problems in prison. Now Sir, give me the job and with the help of my friend,your problems will be solved. There are no problems too big for Him to handle. If you give me the job, you get two persons for the price of one.
- Ok, Joseph, you get the job. Now, let me describe the problem to you in details...

What an amazing story!. In a minute, we will look at what kind of job interview help we can get from it. Off course, you know the end of the story, how Joseph got the job, did outstanding well and was promoted as vice-president of Egypt Inc. The rest is history.

From this story, you can pick up few points on key job interview questions you will face and how to answer them.

Let's inventory them to get some job interview help:
- Tell me about your past experiences, where were you before ?
- What brought you here ?
- What are your strenghts ?
- What are your weaknesses ?
- Tell me what qualify you for the job, why are you the best candidate for the job

Joseph's answers to the job interview questions were :
- open and honest. He did not hide the prison episode
- focused and relevant to the position
- He turned around the biggest objections (you must be a man of low morality) by answering them briefly and then putting the focus back to the position
- He even answered a question before it was asked: Even before getting his first job at Potiphar Inc, he was faced with similar issue facing Egypt Inc (dream interpretation). That makes up for his lack of formal education in dream interpretation. No doubt, young Joseph got great job interview help from His friend. That's how he could secure a job of vice-president of Egypt Inc while been interviewed as a prisoner!

There is a lot of hidden wisdom in the Word of God that can be used as job interview help to suceed in the marketplace. Stay with us on this amazing discovery. Wisdom is really the principal thing!

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