Job Interview Question to ask - How do you do it here?

There is an important job interview question you should ask the interviewer. Let’s discover from the Scriptures by analyzing the interaction between Moses and God.

Exodus 33:13 NIV
If you are pleased with me, teach me your ways so I may know you and continue to find favor with you. Remember that this nation is your people."

Moses is asking God to teach him His ways so he may know and please Him. In corporate terms, the job interview question can be something like this:

What is your corporate culture?

What are the values of the company ?

Which style of management is valued ?

Do you value more autonomy or ability to stick to directive instructions ?

What are the key success criterias for this position ?

Remember that the key goal of the job interview is to find out if you have the right qualifications and also if there is a match between the corporate culture and your own values.

Usually, your preliminary research before the interview should give you information about the corporate culture of the hiring company. Most companies communicate plainly to the outside world about their values. It could be innovation, social responsibility, focus on customer satisfaction, focus on quality, excellence or any other. You can find from the corporate website.

But there are still many things you cannot find out from the outside. There are still some elements of the company values or corporate culture that are only known to the employees. If you would ask any employee, they could tell you: this is how we do it here!

During the interview, you need to find as much as possible through your questions.

You should be wise on how you formulate the question thought. Don’t, off course, blantly ask : what is your corporate culture ? You can say : In my preliminary research, I found out that innovation is one of your key values. How does the position fit into that ?

The interviewer will be pleasantly surprised that you took the time to do your homework beforehand.

You will also show him from this job interview question on corporate culture that you understand the end objective of the interview.

Many candidates wrongly assume that the right qualifications are the only criteria. You will differentiate yourself from such group of candidates.

Make sure in your thank you letter that you mention the matching between the corporate culture and values of the company and your own values. You can also remind the hiring manager that you thrived in a job from your past experiences in a company with similar culture.

If your qualifications for the positions are suitable, that one often neglected question may be your competitive advantage over other equally qualified candidates. BACK to HomePage FROM Corporate Culture Job Interview Question

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