Job Interview Questions and Answers

We have compiled some of the most common job interview questions and have provided recommended answers, inspired from biblical wisdom.

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Question: how do you handle stressful situations?

A very difficult but critical question to answer: how do you handle stressful situations? The Bible tells us how Jesus was sweating blood, in the night before been crucified. Talking about stress ! But this didn't stop Him from suceeding in His mission. The Bible also answers how He did it. Learn how to use this wisdom in your answer.

Question - Where are you ?

The following question - Where are you could be expressed in many different ways: Tell me about yourself, etc. 

Question - Why You?

"Why should we select you instead of someone else?" Your answer could determine the entire outcome of the interview...This question might come when you least expect it. Maybe the interview was going fantastic until then. This is not the time to blow it. Learn how Jesus handled a similar question.

Question - Dealing with resistance to change

You should know how to answer a question related to dealing with resistance to change. Use once again biblical wisdom to your advantage.

Question - Do you like to work in teams and why?

Do you like to work in teams and why? Let's find some tips from the Scriptures in answering this question

Question - 3 wishes

If I could grant you 3 wishes, what would they be? Don't fall in the trap and use Biblical wisdom. The Biblical character of Solomon was a high potential wisdom consultant and can help you provide a brilliant answer

Question - Giving Feedback

Effective managers should master The Art of Giving Negative Feedback. Get ready to provide a wise answer if you are applying for a manager position. Jesus mastered this ancient art.

Question on problem solving

A great answer to job interview question on problem solving should demonstrate your forward and long-term thinking

Question to ask: How do you do it here!

In order to differentiate yourself from the competition, you can ask the following question: HOW DO YOU DO IT HERE! In other words, what is your corporate culture...

Question: what are your weaknesses

Learn how to present your weaknesses during the job interview without ruining your chances...

Questions for project managers

Top Job Interview Questions for project managers