Skills self-assessment processes

All the skills and competencies self-assessment processes are organized around the following questions you need to ask yourself :

- What are my strengths?

- What are the skills I have developed during my career or in other circumstances?

- What good qualities people usually praise me for?

- What are the things I do better than most people?

- What are the things I know I have inside of me, even if they have not been demonstrated yet?

It is critical that you document your answers and for each skill, put in writing as many details as possible about the circumstances where you demonstrated those skills.

To help you in that exercise, you can use one of the many self-assessment techniques named CARD.

The first step of the CARD technique is to make a list of all of your accomplishments (whether in a professional setting or in your personal life). 

What are you proud of?

The second step is to start analyzing these accomplishments in order to extract the following elements (the Context, the Actions taken, the Results, the Demonstrated skills)

C stands for the Context of the accomplishment. What was the situation? What was the problem?

A stands for the actions you took in the situation

R stands for the results of your action

D stands for Demonstration. Which skills and competencies are demonstrated through this?

At the end, you get what you were exactly looking for: a documented list of your skills and competencies that can help you write a good CV and perform well during job interviews. For example, this list will help you tremendously to provide a great and argumented answer to the following job interview questions:

- What are your strengths?

- Tell me about 3 accomplishments that you are the most proud of and why

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